Spray glue

Size / Content: 400ml
€ 14,05
incl. 21.00% VAT
ETA: 20-08-2020

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Transparent spray glue / rubber-based aerosol

Easy to spray glue for temporary and/or permanent binding of large surfaces

Paper, vellum, carton, cork, wood, textile, leather, felt, polystyrene foam, various plastics
For temporary binding, spray one part with Collall Glue Spray and allow it to evaporate. Then press the two parts together. For permanent binding, spray both parts, allow them to evaporate and then press both parts firmly together.

Do not use water, but remove stains with acetone, Collall Glue Thinner or with absorbent paper and a hot iron.

Suitable for Children above the age of 14 (under supervision)