Styro-Scrub, Mix Blue

Size / Content: 50gram
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Styro-Scrub is a mixture of dried paint.
Available in 6 colors, 50 and 100 ml jars.

Used in combination with Powertex transparent and Stone Art.

Powertex: necessary as an adhesive mixing fluid.
Stone Art: is mixed with the Styro-Scrub 2: 1.

Further requirements: stirrer, spoon, coarse brush, mixing tray. Possibly plastic gloves.

How to:
Spoon 2 scoops of Stone Art into a bowl and mix with 1 scoop of Styro-Scrup
Mix everything together 
Apply the Powertex to the object of your choice. This can be made of wood, mdf, styropor, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc.
Sprinkle the mixture of Styro-Srcub and Stone Art into the still wet Powertex.
Press the mixture well and let the excess material fall off again. This mixture can be reused.
Now go 'scrub', rub everything back and forth. The more friction, the more the color becomes visible.
Work on several sides, side by side and allow to dry well before proceeding.

A lot of MIY fun!