Rosa/ Rose Metallic

Size / Content: 50ml

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3D-Stamp Paint

These brilliant stamp paints give stamped motifs an embossed luster. The paint can be applied easily with a sponge brush. The 3D-Stamp Paint is smudge- and waterproof, so it can be painted over.

Tip: Outstanding "negative effects" with the white stamp-paint.

  • Using white 3D-Stamp Paint stamp your motif on white paper and let dry.
  • Color over the stamped motif with Paper-Soft-Color.
  • Immediately after stamping wipe over the stamped motif with a soft cloth (e.g. a tissue) polishing the motif. This way the stamped motif come better fore.
  • Deep and rich colors
  • Waterproof
  • Clean the stamp and sponge brush with water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid immediately after use.
  • Water based acrylic