Size / Content: 15ml / Regular / Translucent

Special Effect Powder
A transparent powder that actually Glows in the Dark.
Always use over a white background.

Armed with this powder related information you can choose the right product and plan your project to achieve optimal results.

Quality measures explained:

Regular ( R ) – All WoW powders are available in this quality. The particles are properly sized for most applications

Superfine ( SF ) – When normal quality powder runs over the edge of a line or character, a Superfine or "Detail" powder is required to produce a sharp image. It won't give the highest lift, but on a thin line it will feel just as high as the regular product.

Ultra High (UH) – This grade is very sturdy. It is used for the Triple Embossing technique and when a large area needs to be filled. It gives a high raise, but cannot be used with regular or detailed stamps.

WoW Powder properties explained

WoW makes powders with a translucent or a white raw material. The different bases have different properties that make it possible to achieve all the wonderful effects.

Translucent or transparent ( T ) – These powders allow light to pass through and so the color underneath will affect the final result.

Opaque or Opaque ( O ) – These powders do not transmit light and are therefore unaffected by the color underneath when embossing.

Marbling or marbling (M) – These powders have a white base and when molded it will appear white giving fantastic marbling effects

Mixture or mixture (X) – These products are mixtures of any Regular, Super Fine or Ultra High powder.

White balls in powders -
WoW adds some special products to their powders that make them outperform other powders.
The white balls are formed to remove moisture from the powder.
There's nothing to worry about. It's completely normal. When you heat the product, the white spheres disappear.