Adhesive-Cover XL

Size / Content: 600 x 800mm
€ 31,85
incl. 21.00% VAT
ETA: Unknown

Protect your work area with the craft sheets from Hardicraft. The Hardicraft sheets are made of fine fabric and have a special coating, making the material impenetrable and stain and water resistant. The coating also makes the sheets heat resistant up to at least 260 degrees Celsius, and no matter whether you spill paint, ink, glue, candle wax or soap, the impenetrable surface always makes the sheets easy to clean. Melted products are also easily removed, once they have hardened. Use the products from Hardicraft as often as you’d like, the high-quality makes them very durable to use.

Adhesive-Cover sheets have the same characteristics as the Flexi-Cover sheets, the only difference is the fact that they have a self-adhesive underside so they can be attached to your working area.