Iron-On S

Size / Content: 210 x 300mm
€ 4,95
incl. 21.00% VAT
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  • IronOn sheets are made of light, slightly transparent material.
  • The sheets have a smooth surface on both sides and are made to protect your tools and final product such as, for example, an iron or iron-­on beads. Neither the material nor the heat source will stick to the IronOn sheets.
  • All Hardicraft sheets are heat resistant to at least 260 degrees Celsius and thereby offer excellent protection in the use of various types of heat-­producing tools.
  • The light quality material provides excellent warmth distribution and the transparency of the material means you can easily see your final product.
  • The smooth surface is easy to clean.
  • IronOn sheets are durable and can be reused time and time again.