Gel glue

Size / Content: 100ml
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Type of Glue: Collall Gel Glue is a thick viscous, water-based, transparent glue. No run. Solvent-free. Especially for children. Vertical use.


  • Thick clear transparent glue
  • Odourless
  • Will not immediately soak the paper
  • Clothes: Washes out easily in machine, max 30 0C.
  • Hands: easy to wash off the hands.

Chemical characterization: 

Solvent: water

Application: Paper, card, cork, wood, polystyrene foam, leather and lightweight plastics. 

Allergens: contains CMIT/MIT. May produce an allergic reaction

Suitable for: children aged 3 and upwards. Warning! Contains a preservative that is not suitable for children under three years old.

Stains: easily washable with cold water or in a washing machine