Collall Powder paste

Size / Content: 250gr
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Instant glue in powder form for making liquid glue

Powder glue that can be mixed with water to make liquid glue. 250 grams of glue powder is good for 15 litres of liquid glue. This makes it economical and it's also safe for children.

Liquid, semi-transparent, pleasant smell

This glue type mixed with water is very appropriate as toddler's glue for gluing paper and carton. It is also very suitable for papier-mâché applications. Tip: Adding white Collall Wood Glue (approx. 5%) will make the papier-mâché considerably harder. Other applications: Binding and thickening agent for paint and glue

Suitable for:
Children above the age of 3

Easily washable with cold water or in the washing machine