Autumn feeling

Autumn feeling

04-11-2019 Elly

Concrete Mushrooms, beautifully decorated in a basket with plants like heather.

To create these autumn mushrooms you have
to use concrete powder by Viva Decor.


Make pits in moist sand to create the concrete part of the mushroom.
Use a container or glass dish of your choice. Cover the pits with kitchen foil.
Attention: the sand will give a natural irregular effect. 

Find some nice branches with a diameter of 3cm and hit two nails
in the part that disappears in the concrete for strenght.
Pour the prepared concrete in the container and place the branch in the middle.
Support the branch for a while, to keep it upright.
The next day your mushrooms will be ready.
(the drying time depends on the temperature and humidity of the room)
For a trendy look keep the concrete unpainted,
but off course you can paint them to your own taste.
940400098 - ViVa Decor - Beton fur Kreative / Concrete powder


ViVa Decor

1,5 kg
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