DIY Chicks
24-10-2019 Krista
Will it be a cold Christmas this year?
This is what you need...
1) Cut a little piece of the styropor ball so that it will stay in it's place. Cut a stroke of apprx. 2 cm of the 'cotton tube'. This will be the sweater.
2) Turn the other priece of 'cotton tube' inside out and make a knot with a piece of rope.
Flip the 'cotton tube' back and attach the pompom with a glue gun on the hat.
3) Cut 2 large green circles and 2 small white circles out of the felt, glue them on each other and attach a small wobble eye. For the beak: cut a diamond shape out of the green felt and glue everything with a glue gun on the ball.
4) Cut 2 large hearts and 2 small hearts out of the felt. The large heart will be the wings and the smaller hearts the feet.
 *** By Idea of CreativeMamy ***

TIP:  for perfect circles and hearts you can use the following two items:
 * DDBD Mask Art stencil A5 bubbles
* Cutting die Joy!Crafts Cardmodel Heart. Use the two small hearts.
VLAP545 - Witte Engel - TrueFelt Bright Green


Witte Engel

20 x 30cm
VLAP499 - Witte Engel - TrueFelt Cream white


Witte Engel

20 x 30cm
12232-3201 - Hobby Crafting Fun - Glue Gun


Hobby Crafting Fun

7.2mm sticks / 20watt
6002/0556 - Joy!Crafts - Card shape heart + little hearts



94x105mm / 76x71mm / 63x55mm / 48x42mm / 30x26mm
12219-1931 - Hobby Crafting Fun - Self-Adhesive Movable Eyes, round


Hobby Crafting Fun

150pcs / 6mm
8 - Kippers - Ball



747057-10 - Stafil - Set cotton tube, red/dark green/white
470.715.017 - Dutch DooBaDoo - Mask Art A5 Bubbles


Dutch DooBaDoo

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