Turn your flower divider into a Christmas decoration!

Turn your flower divider into a Christmas decoration!

03-10-2019 Krista
In August we have sent a DIY newsletter in which Elly explains how to make
a concrete flower divider. Click here to watch this video again.

With this flower divider you can, depending on the season, play with, style,
theme such as holidays and create a beautiful flower arrangement to your own taste.
We have chosen for a nice golden combination.

How to

Make a flower divider out of the concrete and when dry paint it with gold paint. Decrease the vase with alcohol ketonatus.

Create golden dots with Pebeo Porcelaine 150. Use a embossing pen for a nice round effect.
Don’t use too much paint, otherwise the dot will descend. 

Decorate the vase with just a few long branches for a festive look or other occasion.
If you use artificial branches.. The stems are usually thicker so make larger holes in your flower divider.

Not in the mood for Christmas yet?

With mushrooms, pineapples and hydrangeas you can create a beautiful autumn setting.

940400098 - ViVa Decor - Beton fur Kreative / Concrete powder


ViVa Decor

1,5 kg
024-044 - Pebeo - Gold



123290534 - ViVa Decor - Alt Gold / Old Gold


ViVa Decor

589-13 - Stafil - Mushrooms, assorted



5 - 10cm
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