Jeans Bottle Bag

Jeans Bottle Bag

03-10-2019 Elly

From jeans to bottle holder and more....

Don't throw away your old jeans, but reuse them for this nice gift idea: a bottle holder! 
If you adjust the size you ca also create a plant bag of other decoration. 

- HOW TO -

Cut the trousers to the desired size, for an average bottle it's 20 cm width x 35 cm height. 
The cork can be slightly short in length, around 30 cm, but make it a bit wider that the jeans. 
You need a bit more for the sides, because they will be glued together with textile glue or a glue gun. 

Start by creating a triangle at the bottom for a nice flat bottom. 
First the jeans and then the cork. 

Fold the jeans edges over the cork and secure with some glue. 

Finish with some flaxcord and tie some cork on it or adjust the decoration to your own taste.
12232-3202 - Hobby Crafting Fun - Glue Gun


Hobby Crafting Fun

±11.2mm sticks / 40w, 110-240v
1150S.2504/72 - Vivant - Flaxcord Nature



25mtr x 3.5mm
COLTX100 PVA-C-Basis - Collall - Textile glue, Collall



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