Dots ons porcelain!

Dots ons porcelain!

04-09-2018 Jennifer
Creating dots is an easy technique to start working with porcelain paint. The starter sets by Pebeo are extremely suitable to get started!
You will need:
- Pebeo porcelaine 150 Discovery set 753418
- Viva Decor Zen Pen stencils 900279000
- Sponge 46511
- Collall Memo Glue 19834
- Alcohol ketonatus 96% 0365
- Satay stick
- Stirring rod
- Cotton swab
- Porcelain saucer/plate/dish
1. Apply just a little bit of the Memo Glue at your stencil, let dry and place the stencil in the middle of the saucer/plate/dish.
2. Stir the porcelain paint before use.
3. Stencil the base layer with a sponge. Apply the paint thinly, so that is does not pass under the stencil.
4. Let this first layer dry for about 5 minutes. Use a light color for this first layer.
5. Remove the stencil.
6. Now put the dots over or next to the basic dots with a satay stick. Pay attention: the dot becomes always a bit larger than the the stick.
7. Let dry for about 10 minutes before applying the next layer. Small errors canbe swiped away with help of a wet cotton swab.
8. When finished, let dry for about 24 hours and bake in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius during 35 minutes. Pay attention! Decorated porcelain with Pebeo Porcelaine 150 can not be put in the microwave.
COLML100 - Collall - Collall Memo glue



900279000 - ViVa Decor - Quelle der Kraft / Source of strength


ViVa Decor

3pcs / 9cm doorsnede
431201 - Kippers - Alcohol ketonatus 96



110ml / 96%
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