Golden Leaves

29-08-2019 Viva Decor

In September the leaves will fall, will they fall on your pillow as well?

Decorate the material without a pillow inside, but with a thick cardboard, so that the stencil will be correctly positioned. Spraying glue on one side of the stencil prevents the stencil from moving. You don't see any glue residues. You can easily apply the Textil Inka with a spatula, but a coarse brush is also possible. Do not cover everything with the paint, leave parts unpainted for an airy effect. There are of course also many other stencils available.


Tip: Of course you can decorate a black cushion cover.
But you can also easily turn a black bag with handles into a cushion cover.



Cut the handles in the middle.
Sew the ends tightly.
You can now easily tie up the side.
Fill the cover with filling material or for a quick effect, fill with a ready-made cushion.

Have fun!

Instead of leaves you can also make rough blocks.

First tape off the cushion with the blocks with masking tape and
then wipe the Textil Inka roughly to the edges of the tape.
Do you prefer light colors? The bag is also available in ecru.
Inka Textil is washable at max. 40 degrees Celsius.

Z-20 - Kippers - Bag, cotton, black



42 x 38cm / ±70gr.
930091300 - ViVa Decor - Pallet Knife


ViVa Decor

116890136 - ViVa Decor - Gold


ViVa Decor

116890336 - ViVa Decor - Copper


ViVa Decor

900288900 - ViVa Decor - Monstera Leaf large


ViVa Decor

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