Spicy box

Spicy box

21-08-2019 Krista

If you have seeds left over from your herb or flower garden, you can give it as a gift in this nicely decorated DIY spice box.
Nice to receive, even nicer to give!
So get started soon..?!



Process the base of the box, first with white acrylic paint and let it dry. 

Then apply the Serviettenlack(napkin glue) and place the paper napkin on it rubbing it carefully into the glue. 

Cover well so that all sides adhere. 

For protection you can apply a second layer of Serviettenlack over this. 

The brown border is cut from the second part of the napkin for a beautiful scene. 

Apply this in the same way as the other part of the napkin. 

Paint around and optionally inside with dark gray Chalky Deckend.

Also paint the lids of the jars with the gray Chalky Deckend. Let it dry and then you can use a chalk marker to name the contents of the jars.

If you want to process napkins on paper or on cards, you can use best hechtissue = adhesive tissue for this. You iron this together with the napkin easily on card or paper. Do not iron too hot!

Have fun!

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