White Christmas

10-12-2018 Viva Decor
No white Christmas? Create your own!

Kreativ Creme is ideal for quickly and temporarily decorating your windows, mirrors, wind lights etc. And especially very easy to remove with water. Extra creative tip!: Use Kreativ Creme to create a 'snowy' Christmas tree, even if it doesn' t snow outside...!

How to?

Apply the Kreativ Creme on the pine tree branches with a sponge or just your fingers and ... you're done! After the holidays, 'clean' your tree under the tap or shower and the 'snow' is gone in no time, so you can place the pine tree back in your garden. Happy Holidays!
118110050 - ViVa Decor - Schnee Paste/Kreative Creme, removable, white
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