Girl on the swing...

Girl on the swing...

17-02-2021 Elly

How nice is this decoration to usher in spring and summer!

Girl Basis

first make the easiest shapes without a face, fingers, toes, and no mouth and eyes of clay. 

Then make a base as a body. 

Make a roll and cut it in half for the arms and a slightly larger roll for the legs. Bend the end to form feet. Use a stick to strengthen the neck and head. 

Also use clay to form a tiny nose. 

Stick everything together with a little water.


The hair: make a ball of clay and press it flat on and around the head. Use some water to fix it.

Then pull a spatula with just  little pressure through the clay from top to bottom, creating (curly)hairdo. Cut the hair shorter if necessary.


The clothes: are made from a piece of plaster cast!

Let the body dry first to make dressing easier. Wet the cast with lukewarm water before application.

Drape it as a dress (shirt and pants are also possible). Let dry and then paint it with thinned paint in the desired color. Shade with thinned brown paint if necessary.

Paint the eyes and mouth with a Liner brush.


The swing

The swing frame: Find twigs and measure thickness and drill holes. Glue them together with the glue gun and tie the tops together with a coton string.

Decorate with some moss if necessary.

Make the swing yourself from a piece of wood and cord.

The little hares are made of porcelain and ready to use. They are delivered on an exclusive sheep's milk soap.

Or look at fun miniatures that match the theme.

The pigeons are also made of clay.

Stick everything together with the glue gun.

Finish with gravel, or sand, or moss so that you can enjoy this spring garden.


Lots of fun!


583-31 - Stafil - Moss naturel



26210 - Creall - DO&DRY HAPPY INGREDIENTS clay, white
3924-35 - Stafil - Wooden disk



Ø 20cm
583-29 - Stafil - Moss green



26200 - Creall - Do & Dry white



3924-34 - Stafil - Wooden disk



Ø 15cm
742000-109 - Stafil - Ocher



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