X-mas greetings

X-mas greetings

02-12-2019 Krista

'Wooden Christmas card'

Wooden and sustainable...
How much fun is it to use these elements in a Christmas card?


For this card we used 19 wooden sticks:
• 9 wooden sticks for the front of the card
• 9 wooden sticks for the back of the card
• 1 (spare) stick to be used as a spacer. 

Place 7 sticks next to each other in vertical position.
Place your spacer stick horizontaly at the bottom of the vertical sticks.  
Glue the first horizontal stick with a glue gun on to the vertical sticks. 
Repeat this proces at the top. 
For the back of the card, place again sticks in vertical position 
and repeat the horizontal sticks 2 times.

Press the pine trees gently out of the plywood. 
Apply some green ink on the trees and some brown ink on the woodster deers.
Glue the pine trees and the deers on to the front of your card. 

Cut a piece of kraft paper. For this card the size is 26 x 11 cm.
Create two embosslines in the middel to make a back of 1.5 cm.
If you don't do this you can't open te card, due to the horizontal stick that stick out.
Glue the card with a glue gun on to the created wooden front and back.

The remaining plywood can be used in our domes to create
a lovely Christmas decoration. 
VC-001-160 - Tsukineko - Inkpad-Winter Green



12232-3201 - Hobby Crafting Fun - Glue Gun


Hobby Crafting Fun

7.2mm sticks / 20watt
PWSL09 - StudioLight - Plywood Favourites Forrest Deer nr.09
VC-001-054 - Tsukineko - Inkpad-Brown



8640-051 - Stafil - Spatula, Natural



36pcs / 1.8 x 15cm
8089/0205 - Atbelle - (20) Kraft paper, 300 grs



30.5 x 30.5cm / Kleur kan afwijken/verschillen
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